Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are awesome! We love creating them because it lets us express our creativity by explaining unique and sometimes hard to grasp concepts through video. These types of productions tend to go hand-in-hand with startup video production and can be used as an ancillary video to your main fundraising video. To create an effective explainer video we first dig deep into understanding the product or service to be explained. We then go from there deciding on the best way to accomplish the goal. Animation is used more often than standard video techniques because of the abstract ways you can explain concepts.

First Pillar understands that corporate video production may require a series of explainer videos. This is because of the multiple uses and needs of larger corporations (B2B Video Advertising or Brand Video Production). The thing that both startup video production and corporate video production have in common is they both need to explain things! This allows us to apply similar techniques for both types of clients while still being able to scale up or down.

Whether the goal is to grow your audience or interact with the world, First Pillar can bridge the gap to your audience by crafting the right Explainer Video for your product or service and show you the power of using the best video editors around.

Here are Some Explainer Videos We Have Done in the Past