Instagram Video

Social Media has given us all a run for our money. Now more than ever our world is run by our presence and activity on these social sites. This applies even more so for businesses, especially in cases where a well placed marketing message can gain you thousands or millions of followers. Traditional media is still very relevant (and some say is making a resurgence) but you can’t ignore the importance of having a social media gameplan.

First Pillar is on top of things. We realize the importance of Instagram Marketing and even offer our very own Instagram Marketing Service. Or maybe your company trends more towards Facebook or LinkedIn? The important thing is understanding these are not just social networks but tools that can be used to spread awareness of your brand. We can offer a solution that helps you use social media as a Video Marketing Tool and create connections with your audience. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook even offer ways for you to create Interactive Videos that can improve the chance of that connection.

Whether the goal is to grow your audience or interact with the world, First Pillar can bridge the gap to your audience by crafting the right marketing message for your brand and show you the power of using these platforms as Video Marketing Tools.

Here are Some of Our Instagram Marketing Videos