Product Videos

The bottom line is you can get more customers with a high-quality product video. Combined with effective advertising techniques, a video showcasing your product can really help tip the scales in your favor. We have been making and studying these types of videos for years. There is a certain depth to product videos that can sometimes go overlooked. This includes overall aesthetic, location, wardrobe, casting and camera techniques. Branding the product is important but also branding the style of the product video is key.

To create the right aesthetic and get results, your videos need to follow a plan of action. We call this your Video Content Strategy plan. It is a written document that lays out the frequency, type and desired results of all of your video content. The plan might come directly from your Video Marketing Strategy plan, which is a more overall guideline.

First Pillar can help you generate creative advertising ideas that will land you new customers solely based on your video. This is what we consider effective marketing - an actual result based on focused output.

Here are Some Product Videos We Have Done in the Past