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First Pillar Studios is a full-service film and sound production company offering many services that can help any business successfully market their business or products. Some examples of work we have done for recent clients include:

Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos

Developing video content for your business is an essential key to creating a modern marketing and outreach plan. Our goal is to work hand in hand with your team to develop Explainer Videos that can educate your customer base. We take the pressure off of you and create content that connects to your audience through expert-level video production, audio production, photography, live event coverage, scripting, consulting and even brand development. Explainer Videos can be accomplished using animation, live-action, motion graphics or a combination of all three. Check out some explainer videos we have done for our clients:

Product Videos

Product Videos

Do you ever have an idea but just need someone to make it a reality? Or perhaps you are great at getting things done but need help coming up with some original ideas?

We are here for you.

What First Pillar does in the creative development field is build concepts and approaches that work for your specific product or idea. We develop product videos through a process of creative and testing. When it comes to creative there are 2 key difference between First Pillar and the other guys:


Over 18 Years of Experience

We have over 18 years of experience working within the Creative Production Industry with ties to Grammy nominated artists and an Emmy Award winning team. We celebrate our success but we also know that everyday there is something new to learn.


We Aren’t Afraid to Try Something New

Media has changed in the past decade more than it has changed since its entire existence. The demand for innovative and unique product videos is much larger now. Customers want to connect to their content. Will they give your brand the time of day? We know how to get them to click.

Animated Video Production

Some brands want to express complicated concepts through animation while other use it to evoke certain emotions. Animated and Motion Graphic videos are unique solutions for certain types of videos. Whether they are 2D or 3D, the process is a bit different from standard video production. At our roots we started as a pretty standard video company. A passionate group of people following their dreams to make commercials, music videos and movies. But since those early days of DV cameras and Standard Definition TVs we have exploded into a whole new world of HD, 4K and animated video production. Our infrastructure and experience has grown, now capable of shooting 8K, 12k, 1000 frames per second and even Virtual Reality. We step into our new role as leaders in video and audio production with passion and commitment.

Print Ninja
Premier Oaks Theater
Code Weavers

Youtube Editing

Youtube Editing

Youtube Editing is s specific skill our team has developed since the onset of the video sharing platform. Over the years Youtube has evolved from a place where you share silly videos to a place we get information, view entertainment and a place where we can connect with potential customers. The difference between standard editing and Youtube editing has to do with style, format and tone. Whether you are advertising on the platform or if you are curating your own Youtube channel, First Pillar Studios can help you craft videos that make sense on Youtube and get in front of your customer’s eyes. We have made many videos for Youtube but here is a great example of what’s possible:

Doc Oct Robot Video

Finman Technologies and Aristou Innovations hired us to create a video for Youtube that would raise awareness for their latest project, the Doc Oct Robot. Using a combination of candid interviews, office broll and specific Youtube editing techniques, we created a video that helped them reach their tech audience and create a buzz. -View Video

TIP: Customize Your Videos for Your Audience!
Youtube is a great place to advertise but make sure your videos are optimized for your audiences. If you aren't putting your best foot forward and creating videos that excite your audience then you may not get many likes or follows.

Music Video Production

Music Video Production

Music Video Production lets us stretch our artistic muscles. We work with all kinds of musicians locally and from across the country including Rap, Rock, Hip Hop, Country, Dance and Pop. Our in-house audio engineer has worked with Grammy Award Winning artists and mega-rock groups from around the world. Whether you are recording your album in our studio or not we can create a custom music video production that fits your genre and song. We breakdown our music videos differently than our other productions:

  • Artist Creative Session
  • Script Outline
  • Location Scout
  • Talent Auditions
  • Production Schedule
  • Music Video Production
  • Editing/Special Effects
  • Color Grading
  • Finishing

The dream of being a star is one many musicians and artists have, may it be international fame or just respect within your niche. The team at First Pillar has worked to push and develop artists for over 18 years. We know that the dream you want takes work and that's where we can come in with our expertise to map out an artist development plan for you and your career.

Instagram Videos

Instagram Videos

Instagram Videos are vital to your marketing plan. Instagram is a leader in the world of social media and online sharing. They allow businesses to target the youth and young adults on their favorite platform and are able to reach their niche market by using Facebook’s ad targeting software. Here is a recent client we worked with on Instagram Videos for their product marketing campaign:


Codeweavers needed an exciting video that told the story of their business and the people that worked there. They wanted a video that would work on their website as well as something to add to their Instagram Videos. We worked collaboratively with them to recreate the opening to Arrested Development using photos they took at a recent photo shoot. We recreated the exact graphic style and feel of the show opening to make a memorable video that had a high impact on their social media feeds. -View Video

TIP: Don’t Waste Your Money!
Advertising with Instagram Videos can be controlled using Facebook’s Ad interface. They allow you to place ads on both platforms. It is very important to know your target market ahead of time so you can save time and money. If you don’t know your target market, we can help! Shoot us a message here:

Original Music and Audio Mastering

Original Music and Audio Mastering

With our audio mastering suite we can perfect your original music, songs, voice over and film scores. With our motion graphics artists we can create an animated video production that blows your customers away. With our connection to the most prestigious organizations in the industry we can create buzz and outreach to get your video production into the right hands and on the right screens. With our experience as producers we can film any project large or small, filling in crews as needed and casting talent. First Pillar Film & Sound is the leader in video production in Brevard County and we can show you why. Checkout our in-house recording studio here:

Other Services We Offer Include:

Storyboards and Scripts

With our team of writers and artists we can visualize ideas, creating storyboards and original scripts.

Video Content Development

A new company needs a video strategy and lots of content. We take over and build it all from the ground up.

Creative Development

Sometimes the strategy needs to be developed before the plan can be put in place. A creative strategy coincides with the brand and vice versa.

Video Production

One of many services is the art of creating amazing video for brands.

Audio Production

We have in-house musicians and audio wizards! Our studio records artists, tracks albums and develops original sounds for productions.

Audio Recording

We house only the best, top-of-the-line studio equipment to record, mix and master audio with. Checkout our in-house recording studio here:

Video Editing

First Pillar offers masterclass video editing services that go above and beyond your expectations.

Audio Mixing

The mix has to be perfect! Not only are we mixing on studio albums but every single video production goes through our audio mixing process to deliver high quality products to you.

Audio Mastering

The advanced skill of audio mastering is one we have truly...mastered! Our engineers have worked with Grammy Award Winning artists and bring this industry-standard level of knowledge to each and every project.

Original Songwriting

Not only can we film your video, we can write you an original song for that video and we can record that song with real musicians at our state-of-the-art studio.

Scripting and Screenwriting

The written word is alive and well. It is how we tell each and every story that comes through our production studio. Our writers apply their multicultural experiences to craft amazing stories.

Film Scoring

Our team is proud to have worked on award-winning films and commercials; scoring and mastering final products for the world to hear.

Artist Development

Every Elvis and Lady Gaga get started somewhere. We have worked with thousands of artists and musicians to develop their brand and sound. Sometimes we can even help get your music out to the right ears.

Brand Development

Every business needs a brand. It is how consumers connect and remember you. We can help you develop that brand.

Media Relations

Over the past 3 years we have developed relationships with world renowned entrepreneurs and media outlets that trust us. Our launching and scheduling systems create successful Kickstarter campaigns and can take you to 100% funding and beyond.

Media Consulting

Whether it’s writing a press release or developing a story, our team can create the appropriate document to help move your project along.

Color Correction and Grading

A must for modern professional video. Color grading is a way to extend your story and invoke emotion without having to say or show it.

Live Video Capture

Nothing is more exhilarating than capturing a live event. You get one shot to record this moment in time and you have got to get it right! We have captured many many live events including some very interesting situations such as: Live Helicopter Firing Tests for the National Guard, Countless concerts and performances in all sorts of venues like House of Blues, Hard Rock Live, Cocoa Beach Pier, Raymond James Stadium and Amalie Arena… oh also Space Shuttle and Rocket Launches!