The Ending Credits

I just finished watching Avengers Infinity War and have to say, wow what a movie. (If you're reading this 10 years in the the future just substitute the movie for the most current blockbuster in theaters - doesn’t matter). I mean what a great way to kick off summer, right?! The movie brought together tons of Marvel characters, it meticulously twisted multiple plot lines, had a super-believable, well-acted villain, jokes for days, character development, love story and still managed to give us the amazing special effects filled action sequences we've come to expect from these movies. My god what a great movie. How did they do it?

This isn't a review because lord knows you can find thousands of those online somewhere. This is just me working through the notion of what filmmaking actually takes on that level. How many talented people, how many pages written, how many pages thrown out, how many projects saved, how many emails sent, how many storyboards drawn, how many models made, how many characters animated, how many special effects created, how many sound effects created, how much music was mixed, how many lunches and coffees ran out for, how many walls painted, how many meetings, how many bolts tightened, how much makeup applied, how many extras driving cars, walking down streets, goes on and on... As do the credits.

Just Watch the Credits

This all got me thinking as I was sitting in my seat after the final scene. As someone who works in this industry on a much much smaller scale, it still doesn't cease to amaze me what people are capable of. I mean... Just watch the credits... They go on forever. Lists and lists of teams and people who have busted their ass to make this movie possible. What's even more fun to think about are those ending teasers Marvel always puts in after the credits. I find myself wondering, do they do that as a nod to the crew so that even if you're not reading every name, you at least are sitting there having to pass the time while every single person who worked on the film scrolls down the screen before you get to see Nick Fury..... well I won't spoil it, you'll see.

I urge you, next time you're sitting there after a movie you enjoyed, take the time to read some of the names. Read some of the jobs. If you see a job and your like..."What the hell is a best boy?" Google it! Get into it. Because as much crap as Hollywood gets in the press, you have to remember there are thousands and thousands of people working everyday to give us an amazing moviegoing experience. I applaud those people. Great movie guys.